About Us

Imperial College of Business Studies

The objective of Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) is to provide, a concreate academic and professional support for students to take up CIMA / ACCA or Bachelor’s degree examinations confidently. ICBS is fully geared for this, as we have a number of positive factors to boast,

CIMA Premium Learning Partner

ACCA Approved Learning Partner

150 years of combined teaching and training experience by our faculty

Only institute in Sri Lanka with Global exposure, having franchised operations in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan

Only CIMA institute in Sri Lanka, to train armed forces and CFO’s



Commenced as one of the first institute to promote CIMA education in Sri Lanka as Colombo Business School (CBS) in 1985, CBS became Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) when it was incorporated in 2002 with a new outlook. Currently ICBS, is one of the fastest growing education providers, with a population of 2,000 students, and also having the exclusive privilege to train the Armed forces of Sri Lanka (SL Navy & SL Army) for CIMA exams, and also the only institute to be selected to train the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of various companies in Sri Lanka for CIMA. Also Imperial College of Business Studies is the only institute in Sri Lanka, selected by CIMA Sri Lanka division on multiple occasion conduct “Train The Trainer” (TTT) programme for lectures from various countries. In the year 2004, CIMA (UK) introduced an award for CIMA teaching institutes, the prestigious “CIMA Quality Partner” status, and Imperial College of Business Studies was one of the first institute in Sri Lanka to be accredited by CIMA (UK) with that award, which was given for the quality of tuition support given.

Today ICBS can proudly boast that it is the only CIMA institute in Sri Lanka and also in the South Asian region to hold two “CIMA Premium Learning Quality Partner” status award by CIMA (UK) for its two operations in Colombo and Kandy. The recent milestones in the journey of Imperial College of Business Studies is remarkable, in 2010, ICBS started its operations in Kandy and became a “Premium learning partner” in 2013, and in 2015, they commenced to offer ACCA tuition support and got the Silver status in a very short time.The latest “Jewel in the Crown” was the affiliation with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in March 2016, where a BA (Hons) International Business & Finance degree programme is offered, which is a GLOBAL 1st initiative, where for the 1st time, both CIMA & ACCA has come forward to offer 20 of their subjects exempted for completing just first 2 years of the degree programme. ICBS believes offering an all-round student experience. Like when a student finishes their journey at ICBS, the student will not only be qualified as a pure academic, but also an individual who knows how to strike a balance between their priorities and altogether a better human being. This where the Student Council (SC) of ICBS plays a vital role. The SC encourages, Recreational, Social, Intellectual and Cultural activities to offer students the much sought-after non-academic extra curricular edge.

“The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right.”


The success of Imperial College lies in their stance towards ensuring success at examinations and providing students with a holistic approach to learning by guaranteeing excellence at CIMA examinations through classes that ensure personalized attention and care for every student, comprehensive coverage and revision plans, a flexible course structure, outstanding teaching facilities, and modern teaching methods.

What makes Imperial College of Business Studies different

Panel of Lectures :

A high-caliber, competent, and experienced panel of lecturers with several years of corporate experience ensures that our students gain maximum exposure to the world of work, and are guided towards acing examinations.

Unrivalled study support:

We foster an open student-faculty relationship, enabling students to approach any lecturer for additional support. Furthermore, we provide students with extra practice classes to ensure thorough knowledge of the subject and exam preparedness.

Exclusive Revision Program:

Students at Imperial College are provided with a comprehensive revision plan of approximately 20hrs for each subject. Our lecturers will guide you through significant areas of the syllabus that examiners find important, in addition to practicing several past examination questions.

Interactive classrooms:

We value a personalized approach in teaching and in service. Hence we keep our classes small; firstly, to ensure adequate interaction between student and lecturer, and secondly, to allow our students to gain the maximum benefit from attending lectures.


We strongly believe that students learn best when they are relaxed. We provide fully air conditioned, comfortable classrooms, a fully equipped computer lab, and a student-friendly environment. Our common room area, equipped with a cafeteria, allows students to relax and enjoy their break times.


Our mentoring program offers career guidance and helps plan the path to your personal success. Our objective is to prepare you not only for examinations but also for a great career ahead. Further, our “job bank” will give you unlimited career opportunities.